The Craft Room

Probably the only room that we consider “complete” is the Craft Room (check out the To Do page). This is sort of ironic because this was the last room upstairs that we painted. Formerly known as “the green room”, the craft room was originally the tool and supply room while we worked on the rest of the house. It wasn’t until Thanksgiving 2009 (4 months after we moved in) that I painted the room Glidden’s Green Acres with Behr’s Manhattan Mist for the trim.

The Beginnings of the Craft Room

In the beginning, all I had were those plastic organizers. On the other wall was my great-grandmother’s Singer with cabinet from the 1940s. You can see the awesome metal chair that I would sit in to sew. I would lay my cutting mat out on the floor. It was very uncomfortable, to say the least. It was time to make this room a serious workspace.

This webpage from New Mexico State University was very useful in considering the various aspects of my workspace. It details the proper heights for tables and chairs, depending on their purpose. It’s really a great read whether you are dedicating a room or a “nook”.

Flickr is a great place to search for inspiration in room design. This room was especially helpful. In the comments section, she explains how she turned the table top into a cutting board and press board. She sold it to me – I needed that IKEA workstation in my sewing room.

Welcome to My Sewing RoomWe ended up getting the workstation and cabinets from the Besta series. The trouble was, IKEA College Park didn’t have all the doors we needed for our cabinets. We also needed mounting hardware to hang the cabinets on the wall. The next day, I drove to the IKEA in VA to get more doors – but still no mounting hardware. The IKEA in White Marsh, MD claimed to have the mounting hardware, but when I arrived there was none to be found. The employees were really helpful, they tried to take one out of the display for me, but it was incomplete. It was almost a month before the hardware came in stock in College Park. It was all worth it though, because my craft room is awesome:

The workstation is the perfect height and my cutting mat fits perfectly on top. I like that all my materials are “hidden” in the cabinets. I try to keep my workspace clear, although there are some projects piling up on the floor (mostly pillows). I don’t know how you would get anything done in this room:
Sewing roomOn the walls I have a few pieces of art to inspire me. In the picture with my Kenmore sewing machine you can see an ink drawing that I did. Above the ironing board is a fabric wall hanging that Jeremy and I made. By the window is a pencil drawing of an octopus my sister drew. And the pièce dé resistance – my Ted Nugent “Little Miss Dangerous” album.

I am very happy with my room! What do you think is essential in a creative space? Do you like everything sleek and clean, or can you work with the clutter? Does this green room inspire you to get crafty?

  • Maureen

    I love all of the clean lines in the craft room. The art really makes the place look as creative as it is functional, too.