Wallpaper Art

I have always been in love with my grandparents’ federal style house in Middletown, Maryland. This is the house they lived in since before I could remember, until 2007. I could dedicate a whole post just top how epic this house was, but what I really want to talk about is wallpaper.

This was my Uncle Jason’s room. I snapped this picture as we were moving the last of the boxes out of the house. I remember hanging out in this room, playing video games, watching martial arts movies and being mesmerized by this boat wallpaper.

While I was helping my grandparents move out, I found leftovers of this wallpaper in the attic. I snatched up what I could find and have horded the scraps in my craft closet. At first I was not sure how to work with the paper, especially since it is so old and brittle-like. I found this helpful post and decided to use my paper to cover canvas.

This 12″x12″ canvas was a perfect fit for my largest scrap of wallpaper. Even as I tried to flatten the paper it would tear. I wet the back of the paper using a damp wash cloth.

Once the paper was damp, it was much easier to work with. I still had to be careful about pulling the paper too hard – that caused some little rips. First, I folded over two opposite sides and stapled the paper to the canvas – pulling it as taught as I safely could.

As recommended, I folded the other two sides as if wrapping a present. The damp wallpaper was very agreeable to the folding. I cut back the excess and stapled the folded sides to the canvas back.

Here’s a view of a folded edge. I love how the ship wraps around the edge of the canvas. I regret that I did not have a remnant of wallpaper that was large enough for a ship to be centered on the canvas.

I know the little canvas looks out-of-place on our spacious mantle. The colors of the wallpaper go nicely with the stones in the vases. I am not yet sure where the ship will find harbor. It makes me so happy to have a piece of my grandparents’ house in our home. Every time I glance at it I am filled with memories.

  • Becky Abel

    This is such a lovely idea!