Long Overdue Garage Clean-Up

The garage is not a room I like to show guests on “the tour”. It’s where Jeremy’s car lives, and where we hope to have a workshop. Over the past 3 years the items in the garage have varied, but most of the time it looks like this:

Garage Mess Garage Mess Garage MessOkay, I will try to identify most of this mess. As you can see, Jeremy’s car was not in the garage during the photos, and the mess is more spread out than normal because Jeremy was starting Phase One of the clean-up. We have the original cloth seats from Jeremy’s car, a broken IKEA dresser, a work bench, lots of tools, car cleaning stuff, a basketball hoop backboard, extra drywall and wood, a disassembled photobooth (maybe someday I will blog about that?), brooms, more car parts, ladders, trashcans, a pallet, and a not yet installed garage door opener. I am sure there are more items lurking around, just not featured in these photos.

So, Phase One was primarily sorting through all the items in the garage. Jeremy finished disassembling the photobooth, and organizing the wood into a pile. We put away items that should not have been in the garage. And the best part? We made a huge pile of items for bulk pick-up. The saddest item was of course our old mattress. I tried selling it on Craigslist and donating it, but no one wanted it without the box-spring. So, to the dump it went. The best part about bulk pick-up? For our county you sign-up online and list the items to be picked-up… and they keep track of the pick-ups. So, in 2006 the previous owner has 4 mattresses and an entertainment center hauled away. For some reason that entertains me. After Phase One the garage looked like this:

End of Phase OneActually, this was before we moved out those trash items for bulk pick-up (see the backboard and the white dresser?) . Even still, this was an improvement over those original photos. Our next order of business was to get items off the floor and put away.

HooksWe spent about twenty dollars at Home Depot on these various hooks. Interesting note about the grey “U” hooks – the instructions say to soap-up the threads for easier installation. We did and it was super easy to hand-screw them into the wall, even into studs, without pilot holes.

Hooks at WorkWe used the two big heavy-duty hooks to hang this 11ft ladder, and a “U” hook to hang the snow shovel. The Long WallThe metal brackets were used to hang the saw horses. Getting those items off the ground (and in some cases, out of the laundry room) freed up floor space. On this wall I moved Jeremy’s car items – ramps, blocks, jack, filters, cleaning supplies. Eventually we want to build shelves to house some of these items.

The Other SideI used the other two “U” hooks to hang these brooms. This side of the garage needs more work. That ugly blue “shelf” was left by the previous owner. As previously mentioned, we want to build shelves, which would make this shelving obsolete and we can get rid of it.

ToolsThe back wall of the garage is looking especially nice (not pictured: the pile of wood). Jeremy was finally able to clear off his tool bench and make use of the pegboard. My grandfather gifted Jeremy his Craftsman tool chest, which has more than enough room for all the tools we currently own. We’ve filled out the drawers nicely so far, but still have some organizing to do.
P1080475How do you like that pegboard? We wanted to keep our most commonly used tools out and accessible.

There are still a couple of items left on our to-do list:

  • Building shelving
  • Install garage door opener
  • Purchase a fire-safe cabinet to house all our paints/solvents/oil/etc
  • Clean/treat the floor
  • Make drywall repairs
  • Improve insulation

Although that list seems long, it is definitely more refined than “Clean the Garage”. Hopefully with a few more improvements, the garage will be a pleasant workspace, instead of a dread place to dump junk.

What cleaning and organizing activities have you been undertaking? Any major overhauls you’ve been avoiding?