Who we are
Jeremy and I (Monica) met in high school in Frederick County, MD. We went to University of Maryland together and were married in 2009. Jeremy is a Software Engineer at a small company in DC. I teach 8th grade mathematics in MD public schools. Despite our grown-up jobs, we are still “kids”. We have a passion for music, love the beach and watch a lot of Star Trek.

Where we live…
We bought our home the summer of 2009 (just a few weeks before we were married). We had been searching for a home for over 6 months, all over the DC-Metro area. Our home is a split level house, built in 1997. The home was wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling beige. Since then, we have vanquished beige with a vengeance. 

Our House


What we do…
We are into all things DIY!

  • sewing apparel and housewares
  • brewing beer
  • painting (walls, trim, doors, shutters, electronics, …)
  • building bookcases (stand alone and built-in)
  • crocheting
  • trying out new vegetarian recipes
  • installing flooring
  • plumbing
  • installing surround sound
  • building computers
  • home organization
  • dry wall installation and repair
  • supporting local farmers and artisans
  • jewelry design

We hope that list will keep growing longer!

  • Maureen

    I love your color schemes! What do you plan on redoing next?

    • Monica

      Maureen, we still have a few half-finished projects lying around but we really want to tackle the garage!